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“Almost seven years ago, I started [True Native Media], and I started it because I felt like there were so many independent podcasters out there who really just didn’t have anyone representing them, right?... what about all the independent podcasters out there? How could we support them?”

In our final episode of the year, Heather Osgood was joined by Nick Gryniewicz. Nick recently became our new Vice President at True Native Media.


Nick joined True Native Media a little over a year ago with nine years of experience in the radio industry. He chose True Native Media because of the opportunity to make a difference for podcasters by finding advertisers for them.


That’s what we do at True Native Media – and we’re pretty good at it.


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“We have some podcasters that are trying to turn, you know, a side gig or a hobby into a full-time job, and I love the opportunity that we have to try to make that a reality.”

What is True Native Media?

“...what really attracted me to True Native Media was the emphasis on wanting to find successful campaigns for advertisers, but also on finding monetization opportunities for podcasters that really weren’t possible when they were selling their shows on their own.”

True Native Media is not a network. We’re a podcast representation firm.


We get lumped in the “network” category a lot, and it makes sense why, but there are a few things that set us apart from a network. For one, we sell each show individually instead of across a network. This means we also don’t force any of our shows onto one particular platform.


We represent the podcast so they can monetize their show in ways that wouldn’t be possible on their own. With us, it is possible because of our relationships with brands and advertisers. We advocate for the podcast host in front of advertisers they’re passionate about. These shows will also fit natively into your audience.

“We work with every podcaster to find what works for them, what works for us, and what works for advertisers as well. And what we do is we handle all of the negotiations in that sales process.”

But we don’t just work with podcasters, we also work with advertisers. We also put together successful ad campaigns for advertisers that get them the return on investment they’re looking for.

As a podcaster, why should I work with a company like True Native Media?

“[True Native Media is] important because there is kind of this middle class in podcasting because I feel like there’s a strange connotation with that.”

There are shows that are large enough that advertisers will come to them – they don’t need us. But for a large majority of podcasters, that’s not the case.


For a large number of hosts, their show is a hobby or side gig. They love creating podcast episodes, but they don’t have the time to negotiate with advertisers. Podcasting isn’t their full-time job. These podcasters might not even know where to start when it comes to getting ads on their show.


That’s where we come in.


We understand the CPM buying process. We have connections with agencies and advertisers. We know the ebbs and flows of the buying cycle. We know how to handle talking points and advertiser material. Ultimately, it’s a full-time job, and a lot of podcast hosts don’t have the time for it.


It’s also not necessarily their job to do all this. As a podcaster, you should have a general understanding of how advertising works. But that’s not your job. Your job is to show up and create great content.


Leave the rest to us.

How do I take a successful approach to podcast advertising?

At True Native Media, successful podcast ad campaigns are our bread and butter.


First, you need to make sure the advertiser is a brand the podcast host is interested in. We’ve all heard hosts read ads before where it’s obvious the host is reading off a script. The most effective ad reads are when the host can speak to their personal experience with the brand. 


Even more important is making sure the brand is something the audience would like. At the end of the day, aligning with the podcast audience is vital to the success of an ad campaign.

“It amazes me how many podcasters, when you ask them, ‘so tell me about your audience,’ they don’t really know…. When you are stepping into the advertising space, understanding your audience is one of the biggest things to wrap your arms around because when you’re accepting brands to work with, it’s not necessarily just brands you wanna work with. It’s what you think your audience will be receptive to.”

The last thing to remember when trying to plan a successful podcast ad campaign is your goal. As a podcaster, your goal shouldn’t be to get an advertiser; it should be to get a renewal. This way, you’re not just building your reputation as a show that can get advertisers but as a show that can put out successful ads.

If you are interested in buying podcast ads but have no idea where to start, read this article, Podcast Advertising Best Practices Every Marketer Should Know, and contact us at truenativemedia.com.


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