True Native Media Podcast Upfront Event

True Native Media, a podcast agency, delivered it’s first Upfront event to advertisers, brands, and agencies, with great success.

On May 25, 2022, True Native Media was pleased to deliver its first Upfront Event for brands, agencies, and advertisers.


The 45-minute live event was a huge success. The team showcased eight high-profile podcasts they partner with, totaling over two million downloads per month. Ask The Health Expert, The 5AM Miracle, and Smart Passive Income podcasts were among the presentations delivered.


Upfront Recording Access

They also presented a variety of genres, totaling over eight million downloads a month.


“This True Native Media Upfront event showed attendees that while we work with independent podcasters, with about 90 shows, we are mighty. Our podcast selection criteria are stringent, and we only work with high-quality shows we know will deliver for our brands and agencies.” Says Heather Osgood, Founder and CEO of True Native Media.


A bonus for those that attended live was exclusive access to limited rates and deals.


“When I started True Native Media, my goal was to give the independent podcaster a connection to brands and advertisers they could not otherwise reach directly. Almost seven years later, we have continued that mission with great success. I look forward to many more Upfront events and independent podcasters getting a larger piece of the advertising pie.”


The Upfront event recording is available to brands, agencies, and advertisers interested in adding new podcasts to their ads campaigns. 

Upfront Recording Access

About the company: True Native Media is a podcast representation agency that specializes in podcast advertising. Representing over 90 high-quality podcasts with engaged audiences in various genres. Visit for a full podcast roster.


Contact us for any further information, or to start a podcast ad campaign today. 

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