4 Ways Advertisers Buy Podcast Ads

Podcast advertising works really well, but the one barrier is that there is no central place to buy podcast ads. In this article, we will cover four different ways to buy ads.

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of podcast advertising. It works. The challenge lies within the purchasing process. Marketers or media buyers are more accustomed to centralized ad-buying platforms, lacking in the podcast industry. There is no one-stop shop to buy podcast ads for ALL podcasts. This leaves marketers with four options: direct ad-buying, working with a podcast network, partnering with an advertising agency, or collaborating with a podcast representation agency. 

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An Independent Podcaster

As a first-time buyer, it can feel daunting and challenging to know where to begin to buy podcast ads.

Advertisers will start their search online, using resources such as Apple, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Pandora, and other players hoping to identify podcasts that will be a good fit. The marketer then attempts to reach out and coordinate a campaign. While this approach is doable, it is also very tedious and time-consuming. 

  1. Not all podcasts are open to advertisers.
  2. There may be limited or no more inventory available.
  3. The host may not like your product and decline.
  4. The podcast listener demographic may not align with the brand’s target audience. 
  5. The host may not have done an ad before, so they need a lot of direction from the brand. 

A POdCAST Advertising Agency

Firstly, let’s clear up some terminology. Podcast advertising agencies are different from podcast representation agencies or firms. They work with companies or brands to represent them and put together campaigns to buy podcast ads. Typically, agencies work with companies interested in placing at least $100,000 plus buy and markup all podcast ads by 15% as their compensation. 

A Podcast Representation Agency

We recommend using a podcast representation agency for the most efficient method to streamline the podcast ad buying process and develop a more effective campaign. 

  1. A podcast representation agency has one goal, to create successful podcast ad campaigns.
  2. They have portfolios of high-quality podcasts they represent.
  3. The agency does all the vetting and tedious back and forth on your behalf. 
  4. A podcast representation agency understands the ad campaign process and how to help marketers hone in on the podcasts that will be the best fit for them to drive results. 

Podcast representation agencies that work with thousands of podcasts have substantial offerings, but they don’t have an intimate relationship and knowledge of each show. Boutique podcast representation agencies, like True Native Media, who work with less than a hundred podcasts, can build a much stronger partnership between advertisers and podcasts because they offer a personalized experience.

The cost of using a podcast representation agency far outweighs the value of time and effort that it requires to create a successful podcast ad campaign from start to finish. 

  1. Most representation agencies take a percentage of the revenue generated from the ad campaign from the podcast. 
  2. There is no price increase placed on the advertiser.
  3. A podcast representation agency will work with lower budgets.
  4. There is more flexibility in the partnerships. 

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A Podcast Network

A network is an association of podcasts (often within the same genre or theme) that group together. There are many podcast networks in the industry, so it is common for marketers to reach out to networks to coordinate campaigns to buy podcast ads. The network provides support in a variety of ways, including production, promotion, and advertising. While having one point of contact feels straightforward, advertisers are often constrained to buying all podcasts within a genre.

final thoughts: the best way to Buy Podcast Ads

Most marketers who are serious about adding podcast advertising into their marketing mix will streamline the ad-buying process with a podcast representation agency. It saves time, money, effort, and a lot of hassle building podcast partnerships. 

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