At True Native Media, we pair you with a catalog of sponsors that align with your listeners’ interests to ensure the brand’s content fits in natively. Unlock your podcast’s potential with advertisers and brands who are ready to sponsor your podcast.

Do you have +10K downloads per episode within a 30-day period?

Or are you using dynamic ad insertion and reaching +100k downloads per month?

100 +
53000 +
50000 +
Advertisers that advertise with podcasts from True Native Media
Advertisers that advertise with podcasts from True Native Media
Advertisers that advertise with podcasts from True Native Media
Advertisers that advertise with podcasts from True Native Media

What We Do

Advertiser Research

We do all the work of finding highly qualified advertisers interested in sponsoring you.

Mediation & Negotiation

We take care of all the fine print and contract negotiation.

Campaign Management

We manage the advertising approvals, deliveries, and tracking.

what you do


Produce consistent quality content, and continually promote your podcast to increase listenership


You are responsive and timely with communication and requests.

Add Value

Strive to create consistent, authentic, and meaningful ads for brands.

Say goodbye to hours of hard work with no payoff. 

Start reaping the rewards from your podcast today.

Do you have +10K downloads per episode within a 30-day period or +100K per month with dynamic ad insertion?

podcasters who love us

"True Native has been so wonderful for How to be Awesome at Your Job. Their processes are quick and easy. And they find all sorts of fun advertisers that I've never heard on podcasts before."
Pete Mockaitis
How To Be Awesome At Your Job
"Working with True Native Media has been a dream! I get to spend time doing what I love most (podcasting), while they take care of the rest. I know I have a great team on my side, nothing but positive experiences working with them over the past years."
Samantha Lee Wright
The Essential Oil Revolution


At True Native Media, we work with some of the best hosts in the market. Check out our roster of professional podcasters.

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One of our goals at True Native Media is to create a podcast representation agency that provides educational articles for podcasters, marketers, as well as anyone interested in podcast advertising to learn about this valuable medium. We highly encourage you to visit our blog to read more. Alternatively, we have curated some of our most important articles for you below.

What We Do at True Native Media

At True Native Media, we help podcasters and advertisers.

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Podcast Sponsorship

Podcast Advertising Case Study Review

Our team breaks down an advertising campaign to help you be successful in podcast advertising.

FAQs for Podcasters

Most frequent questions and answers about our company

True Native Media represents independent podcasts and connects them with advertisers who are interested in sponsoring podcasts.

We specialize in outreach to potential advertisers and present them to the podcasts that we serve.

Host read ads are ads that are created by the host of the podcast. The podcast host samples and uses the advertiser’s product and then creates an ad read that provides personal experience with the product.

There are two types of ads- embedded/baked in ads and dynamically inserted ads. If you have a hosting provider that allows for dynamic ad insertion, we recommend that method of ad insertion, however, we have many podcasts that we work with that run embedded/baked in ads.

The number of ads per episode depends on the length of your podcast. The average podcast that is 30-60 minutes long can accommodate 2-3 :60-second long ad reads. 

Your podcast needs to be receiving 10,000 downloads per episode for embedded/baked in ads or 100,000 downloads per month if you are doing dynamically inserted ads. 

You can find all of your download numbers on your podcast hosting provider.

No. True Native Media works with a variety of hosting providers. We do require that the hosting provider you work with is IAB compliant. You can find out more information here: (https://www.iab.com/guidelines/podcast-measurement-guidelines/)

Yes, we require that all ads be run through True Native Media.

We provide our hosts with talking points to help them craft the ad. 

The ad reads we sell are typically :60 seconds in length. Many times ad reads will exceed :60 seconds because of the free form nature of the ads. 

We sell pre-roll ads that are in the content at the beginning of an episode as well as midroll ads that are in the middle of an episode.

You are not required to offer added value for advertisers. Our campaigns are sold with a podcast ad read and a link to the advertiser in the show notes or on the website of the podcast. If you are interested in providing the sponsor with additional “shout outs” in social media or in your newsletter that is wonderful, but not required.

True Native Media takes a 30% commission for all ads. 

We ask for 18-month exclusive contracts with our podcasters.

No, True Native Media is simply a representation firm. We just sell ads which allows us to use all of our time and attention on making money for your podcast!