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The Podcast Advertising Playbook

This podcast is dedicated to helping listeners better understand podcast advertising. 

Whether you're in advertising, marketing or simply a podcaster interested in learning more about the podcast advertising world this show is for you. 

We'll provide techniques for implementing your ad campaigns, setting budgets and expectations giving you the knowledge and expertise to become a podcast advertising expert.


I'm Heather Osgood, your host of The Podcast Advertising Playbook.

I started this podcast because I realized there is so little information about how to create successful podcast advertising campaigns that convert.

I want to share all of my industry secrets so that they bring you the same amazing results as the advertisers, and podcaster we work with at True Native Media.

Reach out to me if you want to learn more or start a campaign today.

Episode 10: Podcast Pricing: The Easiest Way To Make It Work For You With Dynamic Or Embedded Ads

In this episode of The Podcast Advertising Playbook, I share what the best approach to podcast pricing is, how to get the most from dynamic ad insertion or embedded ads; and why you may pay more for a niche demographic.

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Episode 9: Everything You Need To Know To Create Podcast Ad Campaigns That Convert

Podcast Advertising has its own set of rules that can feel overwhelming, even to a seasoned advertiser. Pair that with independent podcasters, who don't have tons of experience with ad reads, the whole undertaking can become messy! In this episode of the Podcast Advertising Playbook, I break down how to create a robust ad campaign into quick and actionable steps. It will give you the confidence to move ahead with your new campaign, knowing you have all the tools to deliver superior results.

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Episode 8: Host-Read Dynamic Insertion Ads Versus Embedded Ads

In this episode of the Podcast Advertising Playbook, I break down the difference between host-read dynamic insertions ads and embedded ads. She discusses how the industry is evolving and why dynamic insertion is on the rise.

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Episode 7: Is Podcast Advertising Influencer Marketing?

Advertisers are looking to diversify their ad spend in today's competitive market. Julie Zischke, Head of Offline Acquisition at Grove Collaborative, shares how she focuses on bridging the gap between traditional influencer marketing and podcast advertising. While podcast ads may not be typical influencer ads, Grove Collaborative has been able to spill the success over into podcasts and continue their growth. She believes there are so many shared learnings to be had between the two influencer marketing strategies. Julie also lets us in on her campaign strategies and how she overcomes creative testing challenges.

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Episode 6: The Art of Successful Podcast Advertising

Learning from the best in the business is one of the most effective ways to succeed. Immerse yourself in today's episode with Dave Newmark, CEO, and CO-Founder of Podsearch, as he shares his superior knowledge on podcast sponsorship

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Episode 5: Small Business and Podcast Advertising - Should you be doing it?

Small business owners who want to advertise with podcasts, need to be creative with their budget. Yev Pusin, Director of Marketing for Backblaze, is the driving force behind the companies' exciting podcast advertising journey. He provides insight on the best tactics to use when trying to deliver the necessary results for growth.

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Episode 4: How to Advertise on a Podcast with a Small Budget

A challenging topic for small businesses is deciding on the best platforms to use to advertise their brand. We are joined today by Sira Ruedeeniyomvuth, Partnership and Influencer Marketing Manager for Blinkist. In this episode, he explains how they came about podcast advertising and what processes they used to stretch their limited budget to yield amazing results. 

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Episode 3: Need Advice? An In-Depth Look at Podcast Advertising

It’s not often you come across a veteran in the podcast advertising industry. It’s interesting that Smile, a software company, has yielded the benefits of this amazing medium for over a decade. Join us as Greg Scown, Founder of Smile reveals his tactics and best practices for a successful sponsorship.

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Episode 2: Podcast Advertising - Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Podcast Advertising can be a challenging arena to enter without prior knowledge or experience. In today's episode, we are joined by Rebekah Bek, Marketing Manager for Ahrefs, a software company. She shares her journey of sponsoring podcasts, highlighting her most challenging moments and showing us how converting her challenges into wins has had an incredible impact on their marketing success.

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