Dinosaur Podcast Joins Forces With True Native Media Podcast Agency

True Native Media, a podcast representation agency, takes on a dinosaur podcast, I Know Dino, to help drive ad sales.


Morro Bay, California: True Native Media announced their representation partnership with dinosaur podcast, I Know Dino, on July 17, 2020.

I Know Dino was years in the making. Both Garret and Sabrina were huge fans of dinosaurs as kids.

Still, it took several years of dating before they realized their common passion. 

They traveled to different dinosaur museums and realized there are many amazing dinosaur sites to see. They created a dinosaur museum map to keep track.

A New Dinosaur Podcast

But it wasn’t enough. At the time, there weren’t any dinosaur podcasts, and so the couple decided to give it a shot.

Garret is now working on I Know Dino full-time—researching, recording, editing, publishing, and interviewing for the dinosaur podcast. And Sabrina handles the marketing, social media, and other content in addition to an unrelated full-time job.

“I know Dino is a unique and high-quality podcast for listeners who have a passion for Paleontology. We are excited to join forces with Garret and Sabrina to bring their listeners products and services that they need.” Says Heather Osgood, Founder, and CEO of True Native Media. 


Interesting Facts About I Know Dino

I Know Dino publishes new episodes every Wednesday.

Episodes are typically 30 to 60 minutes to an hour long, and include:

  • The latest dinosaur news (new dinosaurs are discovered almost weekly)
  • Interviews with paleontologists, paleoartists, writers, and others who work with dinosaurs in some capacity
  • The “dinosaur of the day” segment, focused on a dinosaur (usually) requested by a listener
  • A fun fact (Garret likes to go down rabbit holes, or Oryctodromeus burrows, whichever you prefer).

Listeners of I Know Dino are big dinosaur enthusiasts, and are highly engaged. The I Know Dino team gets lots of news alerts, dinosaur requests, dinosaur stories, and more from their audience.


Who Is True Native Media?

True Native Media is a remote boutique podcast representation agency that specializes in podcast advertising. Founded in January of 2016, the company represents over 60 high-quality podcasts, with engaged audiences, in various genres. Some of the top podcasts are Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, and Relationship Advice. 

Visit our Podcast Portfolio and contact us at info@truenativemedia.com to start an advertising campaign today.


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