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We can help you reach them with host-read endorsement ads. 

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True Native has a ton of variety to offer across their slate of podcasts, and I love some of the more niche shows they are able to include on RFPs!
Alex Leuci
Offline Marketing Manager | Right Side Up
True Native Media has been an amazing company to partner with for advertising. They're incredibly responsive, easy to work with, and have a stellar line-up of shows to choose from. We're a small company and we love working with a company who cares about us and wants to help us succeed with podcast advertising!
Riley Whitson
Director of Marketing Communications | Plan To Eat


Preparation is key to a successful campaign. During this phase, we meet with you to discuss your goals, target audience, budget, and specific criteria for the podcasts you’re interested in partnering with. We’ll also use our extensive experience to make recommendations or enhancements to drive better results for your brand.
We curate a list of podcasts that match your needs (as closely as possible) and present you with a proposal for a test campaign. We highly recommend that you start with a test campaign to refine your messaging, target customer, and results. Next, we guide you through the process of campaign creation with proven tips and tactics. We liaise with the podcasts on your behalf to make sure they are prepared.
Lastly, the campaign goes live. We stay in contact throughout the campaign, making sure it runs as smoothly as possible. You will keep us updated on your results and changes that need to be made (if any). After the campaign is complete, we will schedule a time to walk through your results and set up the next steps.
Podcast Advertising on a small budget
Advertisers that advertise with podcasts from True Native Media
Advertisers that advertise with podcasts from True Native Media
Advertisers that advertise with podcasts from True Native Media
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Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Marketers book advertising campaigns with Pat Flynn
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We represent around 80 high-quality podcasts that deliver host-read endorsement ads for brands that feel like organic content in each episode. 

Our podcasters have cultivated genuine relationships with their listeners, so their influencer endorsement generates credibility and elevates your brand.  

As an advertiser, we work in synergy with you to identify the best podcasts to share your message with and guide you through creating your advertising campaign to maximize your results.

No more wasted hours spent searching for the right podcast to advertise with. No more worrying about how to build your ad campaigns.

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Advertisers who love us

We started working with True Native Media because of its extensive portfolio of podcasts that fit the content verticals and audiences we wanted to reach. What really blew us away was the integrated analytics services that allowed us - for the first time - to really see the traction our podcast investments were having. We had campaigns that were ROI positive! This gave us the proof we needed to double our podcast advertising budget and go deeper on our podcasting journey as a product.
Setapp are advertisers that work with True Native Media. Bradley Wells shares his testimonial
Brad Wells
PR Manager | Setapp
As a small business owner, I need to advertise. But, more importantly, I need my advertising to get results. My ads on The Prancing Pony were perfect, and the hosts enthusiastically brought my brand to life. True Native Media made it easy for me to reach my target audience. Thanks, True Native Media!
Advertisers who work with True Native Media
David Derus
Founder | Dice Envy

WHY advertisers CHOOSE US?

boutique company

Personalized service is at the core of what we do. We are hyper-focused on providing a unique experience for each brand we work with, tending to their individual needs.

hassle-free experience

We take care of the daily grind and time consuming conversations for you, so you can do what you do best, drive business through the creative process.

curated podcast roster

We pride ourselves in selecting and collaborating with quality podcasts, in a variety of genres, that have highly engaged audiences.


We have been in the podcast industry for over 6 years and placed +70K ads. We have the experience you need.

Our Podcast roster


Whether you want to diversify your ad spend, add a new revenue stream, or test out podcast advertising as part of your experiential marketing, you have come to the right place. 

With us at your side, you will be a podcast advertiser pro in no time and produce return on spend at scale.