5 Reasons Why Podcast Ads Should Be In Your Marketing Plan

The second half of 2020 saw a fundamental shift in marketing efforts, with almost half of CMOs facing midyear budget cuts.

The second half of 2020 saw a fundamental shift in marketing efforts, with almost half of CMOs facing midyear budget cuts. Yet, 76% of marketers face an increase in pressure to deliver leads. How can marketers create a 2021 marketing plan to stay relevant?

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Maintaining adaptability, being open to change, and raising your companies profile by investing in media with long-tail growth are vital factors to staying relevant. There is no better way than delivering your brand right into consumers’ ears through podcast advertising. 

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the Power of Endorsement

Your brand needs the power of a host endorsement. 79% of B2B marketers believe influencer marketing will grow in importance over the next 12 months. With an increase in podcast listenership, marketers turn to host read endorsement ads as part of their influencer marketing strategy.  

When a friend or someone you admire makes a recommendation, it is easier to justify a purchase. We listen to podcast hosts, and we feel like they are our friends. Their voice is literally in our heads. 

78% of podcast listeners say they don’t mind podcast ads. We all want to buy products and services that will enlighten our lives. Podcast hosts help us select those products. Your brand needs to capitalize on these powerful endorsement ads in your 2021 marketing plan. 

No Ad Clutter

Do you remember the days when there were no ads on Facebook? How about the times when you’d do a search on Google and receive only organic recommendations? Those days are long gone. 

However, many podcasts are still virtually ad-free. In small to mid-size podcasts, your ad could be the only one within an episode. Indeed, the larger and more well-known podcasts have more ad messages, yet most podcasts limit their ad reads to three per episode. So, even when a podcast is full, it isn’t as “full” as other advertising forms. 

Direct response ads are a big part of podcast advertising, but brand awareness ads are moving into the space, taking hold to keep companies top of mind and building brand loyalty. Let your message be heard and avoid ad fatigue by using podcast advertising. 

Minimal Production Costs &
Easy Ad Changes

With slashed marketing budgets, podcast ads are a perfect replacement for high-cost production ads. There are virtually very minimal expenses associated with podcast ad production. A product sample and talking points are all that is needed. Dynamic ad insertion gives advertisers the flexibility they need to pivot and adapt messaging to meet changes throughout the year. Examples of this would be holiday or seasonal products, limited time deals, or new product releases. 

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Diversify Your Ad Spend

The most effective approach for your 2021 marketing plan is to blend organic and paid media. Relying heavily on just a few methods of advertising leaves your strategy vulnerable. Diversify your spend and creativity by diving into a new channel with podcast advertising. You decide when and where, and how often your ad will appear. This diversification is powerful.

Be On The Right Side Of Innovation

Podcasts started in 2004, but they weren’t designed to hold ad messages. Fast forward ten years, marketers (and podcasters) began to see the value of podcast advertising. Today, big players are entering the space, legitimizing podcast advertising as a viable form of advertising.

Statistics from the 2019 Infinite Dial Podcast Listener Study to add to your 2021 Marketing Plan

Source: Edison Research

There are still many opportunities for innovations in podcasting. As a marketer, now is the time to learn about this growing medium. Will you and your company stay ahead of the competition and remain a leader in your industry by embracing podcast advertising? Innovation comes from taking risks, even though we are in a pandemic.  

Marketers meeting their consumers where they are now and where they will go next will be winners. More consumers listen to podcasts because they favor on-demand content, they are harder to reach other platforms, and more are joining every day.

If you add podcast advertising to your 2021 marketing plan, you choose to be an innovator, a participant in a growing and trending medium. You are creating history by contributing to the growth of the industry. Working with a podcast representation agency like True Native Media makes the buying process easier. 

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