Do what you do best- Podcast and we'll worry about the rest

We help your podcast make money so you can do what you do best, create programs that people love.

Many companies that secure advertisers and sponsors for podcasters only take notice of the top 1% of podcasts, those who seem to have hundreds of thousands of listeners, but here at True Native Media we believe in the power of your program.

We know that you have a very loyal audience who is committed to listening to your show week after week, month after month and year after year. We know that you’re the expert and your listeners look to you for advice.

We find advertisers who are looking to speak directly to your listeners and are willing to support the hard work you do as a podcast producer. We work with all sizes of podcasts from the brand new show to the show that’s been on air for years.

Podcasts don’t need five thousand downloads an episode to matter here at True Native Media. We’re here to serve you and connect you with products and services to endorse that will benefit your audience.

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