The Art Of Successful Podcast Advertising written by True Native Media Team posted 09/12/2019

“Don't assume you know what is best for your brand. You might need to advertise on a podcast that doesn't fit your ideal topic or demographic, but the show will result in a greater ROI or brand awareness because the audience listening needs it.”  Dave Newmark, CEO, and Co-Founder of PodSearch.com talking about Podcast Advertising.

The podcast medium is unique. It is steadily rising in popularity and more companies are interested in investing their advertising dollars but have no idea where to begin.  Heather Osgood, Founder of True Native Media, saw an opportunity to help. With her extensive knowledge and inside connections to the podcast advertising industry, she created her own show – Marketing Success with Podcast Advertising. During the show, you will meet amazing companies that have been victorious with advertising on podcasts. You will learn all the tricks of the trade, how to make it work and stay ahead of the game. 

Dave Newmark has been advertising on podcasts for over a decade. He sat down in a candid interview with Heather and shared so many wonderful insights into podcast advertising and how he has made it a success. This is what he had to say.

Benefits of Podcast Advertising

  • According to 2019 Edison Research, a podcast listener has higher education, higher household income, and is listening for a minimum of 6 hours a day. 
  • Above all, a podcast host is independent of contractual obligations unlike at a radio station. They usually own the podcast and have a vested interest in giving the ad greater focus.
  • Word of mouth is an extremely powerful advertising tool. Personal recommendations carry higher credibility from a trusted host.  
  • Podcasts have an unrestricted structure. The host is not held to any standard form and can expand in an authentic manner, incorporating the ad organically. 
  • The host is selective about which products they promote, often sharing with their listeners that the advertiser is supporting the show, drawing in the listener even more.
  • A podcast is an intimate medium. Listeners are usually multi-tasking.  This enables them to free up their higher thinking and absorb ad the host is delivering. 

Campaign Tactics

  • The first step, identify your target audience. age, gender, demographic, and scale. Then define the campaign objective. e.g. brand awareness or sales?Dave Newmark
  • Review and confirm your budget, set a timeline.
  • Brainstorm what value your brand is bringing to the audience e.g. what is your story? This is where the talking points for the host will originate.
  • Your portfolio should include a balance of small, medium, and large podcasts. Small podcasts have a lower percentage of early adopters, which may result in minimal returns. 
  • We request daily downloads to ensure that the agreed-upon number is delivered. Daily connection drives a higher result.
  • The best method to track results is using a unique URL with the company name/podcast that links to a landing page.
  • Similarly, brands can try split testing to gauge results. It's more work for the advertiser, as they have to prepare a landing page for each offer. However, this process can provide more accurate data.
  • Once the campaign is complete, we survey the audience and combine the results with our extensive experience and come up with our baseline.

Final Thoughts

  • Podcast Advertising is not a plugin play medium. It's worth the return on investment even though it takes work.
  • Don't cut the campaign short. If you don’t see immediate results rework the campaign or go on hiatus for a period of time and return to a new circulation of listeners.
  • There is a direct correlation between the power of the offer and the listeners visiting the landing page. 50-70% of people motivated to respond to the ad won’t put in the promo code. You have to make it worth their while. 

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