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There is estimated to be over 200,000 podcasts currently in the United States listed on iTunes.


These podcasts reach very specialized groups of highly devoted and affluent listeners.


The vast majority of podcasts do not have advertisements, but a large majority of podcasters are seeking sponsors and products to endorse on their program.


Most podcast advertisements are native or testimonial ads read by the host of the program.

True Native Media specializes in finding advertisers and sponsors for these highly targeted devoted podcast listeners.

Heather Osgood is a serial entrepreneur and media specialist. Having worked in the radio and newspaper industry for many years, she has the experience to understand the power of media and the influence of marketing and advertising.

In 2014, she sold her trade show production company, Simply Clear Marketing, Inc. She had the desire to dive more deeply into the online space. Podcasts immediately became her obsession. The expanse of knowledge, experience and entertainment being delivered by so many individuals in the world of podcasting astounded her.

She started her own podcast Leap to Grow in 2015. It quickly became apparent that there was a hole in the podcasting world, there were so many outstanding podcasts with great listenership and few advertisers for these specialized programs. Many podcasters are interested in having sponsors and advertisers, but few have the ability or time to find companies willing to offer their products to their audiences.

True Native Media was born to serve this need. Existing podcast advertising agencies serve the top 1% of podcasts. True Native is here to serve the entire podcast platform, connecting advertisers and sponsors with targeted audiences.

Native advertising

[ney-tiv] [ad-ver-tahy-zing]

  1. is a type of advertising, usually online but feasibly elsewhere, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears.

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